MITsp – International Theatre Festival of São Paulo

The idea to create an international theatre festival in the city of São Paulo came from director Antônio Araújo and producer Guilherme Marques, with the intent to recover the spirit of the historical theater festivals created and coordinated by actress Ruth Escobar in the 70’s at the capital of São Paulo, which have become reference to many artists, researchers and curators from all over the country.

Since its first edition, in 2014, the Festival has brought key names of the contemporary international production to the Brazilian public, focusing on performing arts experimentation and investigation. Therefor, the curatorship of MITsp prioritizes works that explore the forms and limits of theatricality and performativity, defiling themselves with other artistic languages.

MITsp first edition happened between March 8th and 16th of 2014, hosting shows coming from Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Brazil/Netherlands, Turkey, Italy, Lithuania, Spain, France and South Africa. It had over 14.000 spectators spread out nine venues of the city. The second edition took place between March 6th and 16th of 2015, and gathered shows from Germany, Holland, Switzerland, Italy, Israel, Russia, Ukraine, Colombia and Brazil, presented to over 17.000 spectators. The third edition of MITsp, in March 2016, recorded over 21 thousand spectators, receiving shows from France, Poland, South Africa, Greece, Belgium, Congo, Germany and Brazil.

Over the past editions, MITsp – International Theatre Festival of São Paulo has proven to be one of the most important and expected performing arts festivals of São Paulo and of Brazil. Not only did it respond, but surpassed the initial expectations of creating a condensed event, committed to innovation and cutting-edge research in the dramatic arts field, focused on national and international contemporary production.

Proof of this is that, in its first edition in 2014, the MITsp was awarded with the Special Prize of the Art Critics Association of São Paulo (APCA).

Another distinguishing feature of MITsp is the reflective practice around the shows, promoted already from the first edition of the Festival through the axis “Olhares Críticos” (Critic Views). Among its activities are: talks with artists and theatre groups, review of show’s publications and dialogues with intellectuals from other fields about the program. The publication of the annual festival’s catalogue Cartografias MITsp also integrates this axis and contains several essays of art researchers about a specific show of the given edition.

In its four editions, leading artists such as Romeo Castellucci (Italy), Guillermo Calderón (Chile), Angelica Liddell and Rodrigo García (Spain), Christiane Jatahy and Marcelo Evelin (Brazil), Heiner Goebbels and Rimini Protokoll (Germany), Joël Pommerat (France), Yuri Butusov (Russia), among many others, have marked their presence in the Festival.

General head director Guilherme Marques, artistic director Antônio Araújo – both idealizers of the Festival -, institutional relations Rafael Steinhauser, curators of the “Olhares Críticos” axis Silvia Fernandes and Fernando Mencarelli and curator of the pedagogic axis Maria Fernanda Vomero are the permanent team of MITsp.

Year: 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018

Execution: Olhares Cultural Institute and ECUM Production Center

Accomplished editions

MITsp 2018 – International Theater Festival of São Paulo, 5th edition, 1st-11th March

Resume of 5th MITsp Shows

Curator: Antonio Araújo

Show: Suite n°2 (France)
Director: Joris Lacoste

Show: Minefield (Argentina)
Director: Lola Arias

Show: Woodcutters (Poland)
Director: Krystian Lupa
Company: Polish Theater in Wroclaw (Teatr Polski we Wrocławiu)

Show: King Size (Switzerland)
Director: Christoph Marthaler

Show: Palmyra (England)
Directors: Bertrand Lesca and Nasi Voutsas

Show: Hamlet (Switzerland)
irector: Boris Nikitin

Show: salt. (England)
Playwright and performance: Selina Thompson
Director: Dawn Walton

Show: País Clandestino (Clandestine Country) (Uruguay / Argentina / Spain / France / Brazil)
Directors: Mäelle Poésy e Jorge Eiro
Company: Les Fives Pays

Show: A Gente Se Vê Por Aqui (We’ll See You Here) (Brazil)
Director: Nuno Ramos

Sound Performance: AudioReflex (Germany/Brazil)
Director: Sigrid Gareis (Germany)

Public Performance: Viewpoints (Brazil)
Conception and Performance: Ana Luisa Santos

Public Performance: Do You Have A Moment to Hear The Word? Public readings Marathon (Brazil)
Conception: Nayse López (Panorama Festival – Rio de Janeiro)

Resume of MITbr – Brazil Platform

Curators: Christine Greiner, Felipe Assis and Welington Andrade

Show: Caranguejo Overdrive (Crab Overdrive) – Rio de Janeiro
Director: Marco André Nunes
Company: Aquela Cia. de Teatro (That Theater Company)

Show: Leite Derramado (Spilt Milk) – São Paulo
Director: Roberto Alvim
Company: Club Noir

Show: We Are Someone Else Being Not Injured – São Paulo
Director: Carolina Mendonça

Show: Vaga Carne (Vague Flesh) – Minas Gerais
Conception, text and performance: Grace Passô

Show: Mariana Hotel – São Paulo
Direção: Herbert Bianchi

Show: A Emparedada da Rua Nova (The Immured Lady from the New Street) – São Paulo
Director: Eliana de Santana
Company: E² Dance and Theater Company

Show: Canto para Rinocerontes e Homens (Chant for Rhinos and Men) – São Paulo
Director: Rogério Tarifa
Company: Teatro do Osso (Bone Theater)

Show: Dinamarca (Denmark) – Pernambuco
Director: Pedro Wagner
Company: Magiluth

Show: Procedimento 2 Para Lugar Nenhum (Procedure 2 To Nowhere) – São Paulo
Director: Vera Sala

Show: DNA de Dan (Dan’s DNA) – Paraná
Conception and performance: Maikon K

Show: Made of Flesh and Concrete A Choreographic Installation – Distrito Federal
Director: Luciana Lara
Company: Anti Status Quo Dance Company

Open rehearsal: Riso (Laughter) –  São Paulo
Director: Key Sawao and Ricardo Lazzetta
Company: Key Zetta and Company

Open rehearsal: Imprevisível (Unpredictable) – São Paulo
Conception: Zélia Monteiro
Company: Núcleo de Improvisação (Improvisation Core)

Seminar: Performing Arts: Challenges for Internationalization
Coordination: Andrea Caruso Saturnino
Theme: Internationalization and Decolonization
Master of ceremonies: Rafael Steinhauser
Invited hosts: Carol Mendonça, Celso Curi, Hugo Cruz and Márcio Abreu
Mediators: Christine Greiner, Felipe de Assis and Wellington Andrade – MITbr – Brazil Platform curators

Theme: Public Policies for Performing Arts Internationalization
Master of ceremonies: Rafael Steinhauser
Participants: Danilo Santos de Miranda (SESC SP), Miriam Rinaldi (SESI SP), Eduardo Saron (Itaú Cultural), Deborah Rossoni (APEX Brazil), Monina Bonelli (Cultural Complex 25 de Mayo, Argentina), Aldo Valentim (State Secretary of Culture of São Paulo), Julia Fuchs (Goethe-Institut São Paulo), Lia Rodrigues (artist), Beatriz Goes (Brazilian Ministry of Foreign Affairs) and Lindsay Castro Lima (Municipal Secretary of Culture of São Paulo).
Mediators: Márcia Dias and Paulo Feitosa

Resume of 5th MITsp parallel activities

Critical Views

Curators: Daniele Avila Small and Luciana Eastwood Romagnolli

Esthetic & Political Thinking
Seminar: The art status in contemporary Brazil: freedom, otherness, mediation

Master class: Body, affection and politics in contemporary theater
Speaker: Victoria Pérez Royo
Mediator: Patrick Pessoa

Roundtable: The wrongs of mediations and the isolation of art
Participants: Marcos Alexandre, Renan Marcondes, Rita Aquino and Wagner Schwartz
Mediator: Patrick Pessoa

Roundtable: Criticism is not censorship: whose art can do anything?
Participants: Aline Vila Real, Georgette Fadel, Juliano Gomes, Kil Abreu and Renata Carvalho
Mediator: Michele Rolim

Roundtable: Loving and hating the body in Brazil
Participants: Gaudêncio Fidelis, Laís Machado and Leonarda Glück
Mediator: Patrick Pessoa

Dialogue: Intervention and mediation in the public space
Participants: Ana Luisa Santos and Nayse López
Special Program

Dialogue between Joris Lacoste and Nuno Ramos
Mediator: Maria Eugênia de Menezes

Public Interview with the diretor Krystian Lupa
Interviewers: Aderbal Freire-Filho and Denise Stoklos
Mediator: Maria Eugênia de Menezes

General meeting: democracy and representation in the contemporary world
Participants: Eva-Maria Berstchy and the guests Lucio Bellentani and Diogo Costa

Screening of the film The Congo Tribunal (Milo Rau)
Participation: Eva-Maria Bertschy

Crossing Dialogues

Mediators: José Fernando Azevedo and Maria Lúcia Pupo
Suite nº2 –  Luz Ribeiro
Minefield – Marcio Seligmann-Silva
King Size – Charles Gavin
Palmyra – Christian Dunker
Hamlet – Marcelo Caetano
salt. – Ana Maria Gonçalves
Clandestine Country – André Dahmer

Essay Space

Curators: Silvia Fernandes, Luciana Eastwood Romagnolli and Daniele Avila Small

Researchers from Performing Arts graduate programs of different Brazilian universities write articles about the creative careers of the MITsp guest artists.

Suite nº 2 – Ligia Souza de Oliveira (doctor student/USP)
Minefield – Ana Bernstein (UNIRIO)
Woodcutters – Pedro Vilela (máster student/UFBA)
King Size – Matteo Bonfitto (Unicamp)
Palmyra – Milton de Andrade (Udesc)
Hamlet – Denilson Lopes (UFRJ)
salt. – Denise Espírito Santo (UERJ)
Clandestine Country Sara Rojo (UFMG)

* With the Traversing Texts by Marcio Seligmann-Silva and Patrick Pessoa
* Dossier on Performing Arts Curatorship with wordings of Aline Vila Real, Felipe Assis, Kil Abreu, Nayse López and Florian Malzacher
* Interviews with Joris Lacoste and Krystian Lupa

Ongoing Thought

The guest artists of the Festival meet the public to share and answer questions about their creative processes, mediated by Brazilian researchers:

AudioReflex – Pedro Vilela (máster student/ UFBA)
Minefield – Ana Bernstein (UNIRIO)
Suite nº2 – Ligia Souza de Oliveira (doutoranda/USP)
King Size – Matteo Bonfitto (Unicamp)
Hamlet – Denilson Lopes (UFRJ)
Palmyra – Milton de Andrade (Udesc)
Clandestine Country – Sara Rojo (UFMG)
salt. – Denise Espírito Santo (UERJ)

Practice of Reviewing

Daily Review

Daily production of reviews on the festival shows for print and virtual broadcast.

Coordinator and critic: Julia Guimarães (Minas Gerais)

With critics: César Ribeiro (guest artist, director of Garagem 21 group in São Paulo), Clóvis Domingos – Horizonte da Cena (Minas Gerais), Diogo Spinelli – Farofa Crítica (Rio Grande do Norte), Juliano Gomes – Revista Cinética (Rio de Janeiro), Laís Machado –Plataforma Araká (Bahia), Michele Rolim – Agora Crítica Teatral (Rio Grande do Sul), Renan Ji – Questão de Crítica (Rio de Janeiro)

Celebratory opening: 10 years from now …
With critics: Daniel Schenker, Daniele Avila Small, Paulo Mattos, Patrick Pessoa and Renan Ji, members of the magazine Questão de Crítica, which completes 10 years of activities in March 2018.

Roundtable: Contemporary scene: critic overview
Mediator and participant: Julia Guimarães
Participants: César Ribeiro (guest artist, director of Garagem 21 group in São Paulo), Clóvis Domingos – Horizonte da Cena, Diogo Spinelli – Farofa Crítica, Juliano Gomes – Revista Cinética, Laís Machado – Plataforma Araká, Michele Rolim – Agora Crítica Teatral, Renan Ji – Questão de Crítica

Debates and book launches

Book: Afetos, relações e encontros com filmes brasileiros contemporâneos (Affections, relationships and encounters with contemporary Brazilian movies), of Denilson Lopes. Comments: Rubens Machado

Book: O teatro negro em perspectiva: dramaturgia e cena negra no Brasil e em Cuba (Perspectives of black theater: dramaturgy and the black scene in Brazil and in Cuba), by Marcos Alexandre. Comments: Allan da Rosa

Book: O que pensam os curadores de Artes Cênicas (What do Performing Arts curators think), by Michele Rolim. Comments: Rita Aquino

Mediator: Patrick Pessoa

N-1 Launchings + Round table: The world becoming black

Book: Necropolitics, by Achille Mbembe

Cordel books: The Burden of Race, de Achille Mbembe, e Eu, um crioulo (Me, a creole), by José Fernando Azevedo

Roundtable with panel members invited by N-1 publisher: José Fernando Azevedo, Rosane Borges and Tatiana Roque.
Mediator: Peter Pál Pelbart

Cultural Journalism Lab

In partnership with MITsp, the communication students from PUC-SP will cover the Critical Views program under the guidance of Professor Fabio Cypriano.

Pedagogical Activities

Curator: Maria Fernanda Vomero

Roundtable: Intersections between nonverbal poetics
Participants: Aby Cohen (São Paulo), Renato Bolelli Rebouças (São Paulo) and José Roberto Jardim (São Paulo)

Roundtable: Crossing borders: immigration, asylum and art
Participants: Miguel Rocha (São Paulo),Bela Feldman-Bianco (São Paulo) and artists from the theater lab.

Roundtable: Non-normativity: creative possibilities of expression
Participants: Liv Elf Karlén (Sweden), Leona Jhovs (São Paulo) and Ferdinando Martins (São Paulo), mediated by Dodi Leal (São Paulo).

Roundtable: Meeting with the crew of Minefield
Participants: Marcelo Vallejo (Argentina), David Jackson (England), Lucila Piffer (Argentina), Luz Algranti (Argentina)

Workshop: Atelier Encyclopédie de la parole (Speech Encyclopedia)
Facilitators: Joris Lacoste (France), artist in focus of MITsp 2018

Workshop: Clandestine Memories
Facilitators: Florencia Lindner (Uruguay), Jorge Eiro (Argentina), Lucía Miranda (Spain), Maëlle Poésy (France) and Pedro Granato (Brazil)

Workshop: Feedback techniques and mediation of creative processes.
Facilitators: Georg Weinand (Netherlands)

Workshop: Across the borders (theater lab)
Facilitator: Miguel Rocha (São Paulo)

Workshop: Politics in the room
Facilitators: Bertrand Lesca (France) and Nasi Voutsas (Greece)

Workshop: To be or not to be: a rebellious self-portrait
Facilitator: Boris Nikitin (Switzerland)

Workshop: Special – workshop with Krystian Lupa
Facilitator: Krystian Lupa (Poland)

Workshop: Translations / Perversions
Facilitator: Victoria Pérez Royo (Spain)

Workshop: Urban performativity: trying ways to be present in the city
Facilitators: Marcelo Carnevale (São Paulo) and Ana Luisa Santos (Minas Gerais)

Workshop: Intersections between nonverbal poetics
Facilitators: Aby Cohen and Renato Bolelli Rebouças

Workshop: Ordinary texts on stage
Facilitator: Susanne Kennedy (Germany)

Workshop: Non-normativity: creative possibilities of expression
Facilitator: Liv Elf Karlén (Sweden)

Worshop and lecture: Theater internationalization
Facilitator: Iva Horvat (Croatia / Spain)

Short Credits:

Production Director: Guilherme Marques
Artistic Director: Antônio Araújo
International Relations: Jenia Kolesnikova e Natália Machiaveli
Production Manager: Rachel Brumana

MITsp 2017 – International Theatre Festival of São Paulo, 4th edition, from 14th to 21th of March

Resume of 4th MITsp Shows

Show: En Avant, Marche! (Belgium)
Directed by: Alain Platel, Frank Van Laecke e Steven Prengels

Show: Mission in Fragments: 12 scenes of decolonization in self-defense (Brazil)
Directed by: Eugênio Lima
Company: Legitimate Self-Defense

Show: Black Off (South Africa)
Directed by: Ntando Cele
Company: Manaka Empowerment Productions

Show: White: the smell of lily and formol (Brazil)
Directed by: Alexandre Dal Farra and Janaina Leite

Show: Riding on a Cloud (Lebanon)
Directed By: Rabih Mroué

Show: Mateluna (Chile)
Directed by: Guillermo Calderón

Show: For The Sky not to Fall (Brazil)
Directed by: Lia Rodrigues
Company: Lia Rodrigues Dance Company

Show: Why Does Herr R. Run Amok? (Germany)
Directed by: Susanne Kennedy
Company: Münchner Kammerspiele

Show: Pixelated Revolution (Lebanon)
Directed by: Rabih Mroué

Show: So Little Time (Lebanon)
Directed by: Rabih Mroué

Resume of 4th MITsp parallel activities

Critical Views

“Public dimensions of the crisis and forms of resistance” is the theme of a seminar that aims to discuss the relations between politics and aesthetics, art and social context, in three ways: public representation, public space and the relationship with the public. These questions are present in all the activities: Crossing Dialogues, Ongoing Thoughts, Essay Space, Practice of Reviewing and Book Launches, inviting artists and researchers from theater and other fields to broaden the experience of the spectacles and extend the debate .
Curators: Luciana Romagnolli and Kil Abreu.
Organization, research and texts: Pollyana Diniz

Crossing Dialogues

Spoken reviews of each show are done in the venue shortly after the end of a performance to create a dialogue with the audience. We invite artists and thinkers from other fields of knowledge to cast their views, to cross borders and broaden the understanding of the works.
Speakers: Reginaldo Nasser, Maria Homem, Ana Paula Maia, Davi Kopenawa, Silvio Luiz de Almeida, Ilana Feldman, Djamila Ribeiro, Edson Teles.
Mediation: Cristiane Zuan Esteves, Verônica Veloso and Ruy Cortez

Aesthetic & Political Thinking

Seminar: Public dimensions of the crisis and forms of resistance.
Mediation: Patrick Pessoa
Table 1 “Conditions for practice and perception of re-existence”.
: Heloisa Buarque de Hollanda, Marcio Abreu and Vladimir Safatle
Table 2 “Dissidence on the left: crisis of representation as a public process”.
Guests: Ferréz, Ivana Bentes and Lúcio Flávio Pinto
Table 3 “Speech places and the emergence of micropolitics”
Guests: Rosane Borges, Suely Rolnik and Todd Tomorrow
Table 4 “The street as a stage for protest: aesthetic and political strategies of public mobilization”.
: Marcelo Freixo, Nina Caetano and Pablo Ortellado


“And what do we do with the public? Theatricality, audience and democracy “.
With the researcher Óscar Cornago (Spain)

Round table: “Theater in Palestine: relations between politics and art”

With the Palestinian actor and director Ihab Zahdeh, the Chilean actress of Palestinian descent Andrea Giadach, from the show Mateluna, and the Performing Arts researcher and Brazilian activist Maria Fernanda Vomero.
Mediation: Ferdinando Martins

Public interview with director and playwright Guillermo Calderón
: Daniele Avila Small (Electronic Journal Critique Question) and Welington Andrade (Cult Magazine)

Essay Space
Researchers of the Brazilian universities post-graduate programs in performing arts write articles about the creative trajectories of the MITsp invited artists.
Authors: Fernando Villar (UNB), Daniele Avila Small (UNIRIO), Stephan Baumgartel (UDESC), Christine Greiner (PUC-SP), José Fernando Azevedo (USP), Luiz Fernando Ramos (USP), Nina Caetano Martins (USP).

Ongoing Thoughts
Public encounters with the artists from the Festival’s guest shows, who’ll share their creative processes with the audience.
Mediators: Fernando Villar, Pollyanna Diniz, Stephan Baumgartel, José Fernando Azevedo, Luiz Fernando Ramos, Ferdinando Martins, Nina Caetano and Christine Greiner.

Practice of Reviewing

– Daily review
Daily production of reviews on the shows are printed and posted at the MITsp website. ( Part of the writers are critics of DocumentaCena – reviewing platform which gathers the electronic magazine Questão de Crítica (Mariana Barcelos / Renan Ji), the website Horizonte da Cena (Daniel Toledo) and the blog Satisfeita, Yolanda? (Ivana Moura) – are also part the Agora – Theatre Reviewing website (Michele Rolim); the Antro Positivo journal (Ruy Filho); and the guests Welington Andrade and Miguel Arcanjo Prado.
Coordination: Soraya Belusi

– Immediate Review
Proposed by the Antro Positivo journal, founded by Ruy Filho and Patrícia Cividanes, the Immediate Review is made of first impression comments. A short review, written shortly after the exit of the show and published on social networks: or
Critics: Ruy Filho, Ana Carolina Marinho, Claudio André, Marcio Tito, Maria Teresa Cruz and Patricia Bergantyn

Round Table: “Criticism and Curatorship”
Mediation: Michele Rolim (Agora Theatre Reviewing)

– Round Table “Criticism and Engagement”
Mediation: Ivana Moura (Satisfeita, Yolanda?)

– Round Table “Contemporary scene: critical panoramas”
The researchers Edélcio Mostaço, Sílvia Fernandes, Óscar Cornago and Christine Greiner will follow the MITsp programming and produce one review each on the Festival’s shows to promote reflections coming from different viewing points on the current scene. These panoramic texts will be presented to the public at the discussion table.

Special events

– Conference: “Contemporary German Theater”
With the researcher Didier Plassard (France)

– Master class: “Theatricality, violence and the performativity of pain”
With the researcher Ileana Diéguez Caballero (Mexico)


– “Gordon Craig: Legacy to the Contemporary Scene”
With the researchers Didier Plassard and Luiz Fernando Ramos

– “Contemporary Brazilian dramaturgy”
With the playwrights Alexandre Dal Farra, Grace Passô, Pedro Kosovski and Vinicius Calderoni

Seminar: Unspoken Things: racism and the decolonization of thought
The seminar invites thinkers from different areas of knowledge to reflect on the unfolding of black slavery and the forms of racism in Brazil and in the world. The goal is to deconstruct the legacies of colonial thinking by putting at stake the essence of  “others” that have been consolidated as hegemonic systems and created a culture of violence and oppression that can not be eliminated by decree. It is necessary to transform the ways of being and, above all, to change our imagery. It is necessary to restore for the “others” the right to self-representation.
Curation: Eugênio Lima and Majoí Gongora

Table 1: “Negritude” and “Branquitude”: complexifying discussions about race and privilege structures
Debater: Giovana Xavier

– Table 2: Black Feminism: Knowledge and Self-Determination
Debaters: Djamila Ribeiro and Patricia Collins

Pegagogic Activities

The exchange of experiences between international and Brazilian artists, in previous editions of MITsp, proved to be a successful and very positive initiative. In 2017, the planned activities contemplate not only the sharing of creative processes by our foreign guests, but also the dialogue about the urgent themes of the national reality. To Brazilian professionals and students, this is a great opportunity to experience creative forms of resistance alongside the world’s artistic leading names of the theatre scene.
Curation: Maria Fernanda Vomero

Artistic residence

Acts of resistance I – Orientation: Ihab Zahdeh

Acts of resistance II – Orientation: Martha Kiss Perrone


– Brazil in pixels
With director and performer Rabih Mroué

– Express myself beyond my skin
With the performer and director Ntando Cele

– Go, pots, go!
With composer Steven Prengels

Conversation Circle

From cinema to theater: how do movies turn into plays.
With the director Susanne Kennedy and the dramaturgist Johanna Höhmann

Public Performances

Pandemic Manifestos
The MITsp and the n-1 editions will cause a pandemic in the streets of São Paulo. The texts of the Pandemic series of little books, theoretical, political, philosophical and ecological provocations, will be performed by 11 actors, triggering uprising and upcoming insurgencies. The zero point of dissemination is the center of the city, but at every boundary, north, south, east, and west, other outbreaks will emerge – a networked pandemic that spreads in order to break the existing consensus and the paralysis of thoughts, attacking what they claim to be our only present.

Actress: Bete Coelho / Musicians: Felipe Antunes and Guilherme Calzavar
Text: Quando as ruas queimam: manifesto pela emergência (When the streets burn: manifesto for emergency)
Author: Vladimir Safatle

Actress: Roberta Estrela D’Alva
Text: Mulheres negras: carta aberta à um dia amiga Márcia (Black women: open letter to a day friend Márcia)
Author: Marilene Felinto

Actor: Pascoal da Conceição
Text: Limitar o limite: modos de subsistência (Limit the limit: ways of subsistence)
Author: Alexandre Nodari

Actress: Juliana Galdino
Text: Uma biopolítica menor (A minor biopolitics)
Author: Giorgio Agamben

Actress: Georgette Fadel
Text: O capital (se)move (The capital moves (itself))
Author: Brian Massumi

Actor: Cacá Carvalho
Text: Os involuntários da pátria (The involuntaries of the motherland)
Author: Eduardo Viveiros de Castro

Actress: Camila Pitanga
Text: A hora da micropolítica (Micropolitics times)
Author: Suely Rolnik

Actor: Danilo Grangheia
Text: Carta aberta aos secundaristas (Open Letter to high school students)
Author: Peter Pál Pelbart

Actor: Rodrigo Bolzan
Text: Glossário do Homem Endividado (Glossary of the Indebted Man)
Author: Maurizio Lazzarato

Actor: Ailton Grace
Text: A Missão em Fragmentos (The Mission in Fragments)
Author: Heiner Müller (Translation: Christine Röhrig)

Actor: Eduardo Moreira
Text: O intolerável + Escutas em transe (The intolerable + trance listening)
Author: Laymert Garcia dos Santos


Créditos Resumidos

Conception and Production Head Director: Guilherme Marques
Conception and Artistic Director: Antonio Araújo
Institutional Relations Director: 
Rafael Steinhauser
International Relations: 
Natália Machiaveli e Jenia Kolesnikova

MITsp 2016 – International Theatre Festival of São Paulo, 3th edition, from 4 to 13 of March

Resume of 3th MITsp Shows

Show: Revolting Music – (South Africa)
Company: Neo Muyanga
Director: Neo Muyanga

Show: Le Cargo (The Cargo) – (Congo)
Company: Studios Kabako
Director: Faustin Linyekula

Show: Vodou City (Cidade Vodu) – (Brazil)
Company: Teatro de Narradores
Director: José Fernando de Azevedo

Show: An Old Monk – (Belgic)
Company: LOD Muziektheater
Director: Josse De Pauw

Show: 100% São Paulo – (Germany/Brazil)
Company: Rimini Protokoll
Directors: Helgard Haug, Stefan Kaegi, Daniel Wetzel

Show: A Tragédia Latino-Americana (The Latin-American Tragedy) – (Brazil)
Company: Ultralíricos
Director: Felipe Hirsch

Show: (A)pollonia – (Poland)
Company: Nowy Teatr
Director: Krzysztof Warlikowski

Show: Ça ira – (France)
Company: Compagnie Louis Brouillard
Director: Joël Pommerat

Show: Still Life – (Greece)
Company: Dimitris Papaioannou
Director: Dimitris Papaioannou

Show: Cinderella (Cendrillon) – (Belgic)
Company: The National Theater/ Brussels and Compagnie Louis Brouillard
Director: Joël Pommerat

Resume of 3th MITsp parallel activities

Critical Views

Curators: Fernando Mencarelli and Sílvia Fernandes
The MITsp offers a number of activities that seek to improve the perception of the audience, through a critical and provocative perspective, believing that theater critique may boost the encounter between the viewer and the creative work: clues, keys, gaps, connections.

Ongoing Thought

The artists of the Festival are invited to speak about their creative processes, revealing the internal structures and textures of their works.
Mediators: Johana Albuquerque and Julia Guimarães.

Crossing Dialogue

Oral reviews take place immediately after the second performance of each show of the Festival, on the same venue, by artists and thinkers from different fields of knowledge.
Participants: Roberto Zular, Guilherme Wisnik, Cida Bento, Paulo Lins, Nuno Ramos, Omar Ribeiro Thomaz, Lilia Moritz Schwarcz, Milton Hatoum, Eliane Robert Moraes, Jair Ramos
Mediators: Edélcio Mostaço, Tatiana Motta Lima, Sônia Sobral, Maria Lúcia Pupo

Essays Space
MITsp invites researchers from Brazilian universities to write about the creative trajectories of our guest artists.
Participants: Matteo Bonfito, Marta Isaacsson , Ana Maria Bulhões-Carvalho, Luciana Romagnolli, Antonia Pereira Bezerra, Tatiana Motta Lima, Jair Ramos, Edélcio Mostaço, Julia Guimarães, Roberta Estrela D’Alva.

Esthetic & Political Thinking

MITsp invites guests to join three debate tables about the main themes of this edition.
Mediator: Fernando Mencarelli.

Narrative’s place on the contemporary scene

With Luis Alberto de Abreu, Edélcio Mostaço and Christophe Triau.

Kantor’s Legacy: Polish contemporary theater

With Tomasz Kirenczuk, Nelson de Sá and Christine Greiner. 

Documentary Theater: strengths and limitations

With Marcelo Soler, José Fernando Azevedo and Peter Pal Pélbart.

Practice of Reviewing

  • The Documenta Cena – Review Platform, composed by the blog Satisfeita, Yolanda?, the websites Horizonte da Cena and Teatrojornal, and the electronic journal Questão de Crítica, continues the partnership with MITsp since the first edition, holding the segment called Practicing Criticism, in which critics write and deliver reviews about the shows every day, for electronic and printed press.
  • Reception and Critique – Participants: Daniele Avila Small, Edélcio Mostaço, Kil Abreu, Patrick Pessoa and Maria Lúcia Pupo.
  • Critique Day – A journey about the theater critique on digital platforms in Brazil and in the world. – Participants: Agora team, Jürgen Berger, Federico Zurita members of Horizonte da Cena, Teatrojornal, Satisfeita, Yolanda?, Questão de Crítica and Antro Positivo. Mediators: Michele Rolim and Renato Mendonça (Agora)
  • Special Publication MITsp 2016 Performative Critique: In real time for eight uninterrupted hours, in front of the public and with guest participation, a review on the show Ça ira, by Joël Pommerat, will be written. Participants are Ruy Filho and Ana Carolina Marinho, responsible for writing, and Patricia Cividanes that will give graphic inputs during the process.

Unspoken Things

Curators: Eugênio Lima, José Fernando de Azevedo and Leda Maria Martins

The International Debate Cycle invites a discussion over the poetic and political elaboration of the image of “blackness”: its historical social developments and their effects on the construction of the “black persona”, under the artistic languages.

Participants: Eugênio Lima, José Fernando de Azevedo, Leda Maria Martins, Luiz Felipe Alencastro, Ana Maria Gonçalves, Neo Muyanga and Grada Kilomba.

Pedagogical  Activities

Curator: Maria Fernanda Vomero

The axis Educational Activities hosts several encounters between international and Brazilian artists for experience exchange. The initiatives allow the professionals from invited theater companies to share their methods of creation and their views on the contemporary scene. To the Brazilian artists, these encounters are an opportunity for major learning with prominent figures of the art world.


  • Artistic residency with the director Yuri Butusov.
  • Stage experiment:
    With: Ana Carolina Godoy, Lena Roque, Luciana Canton, Marco Biglia, Pedro Felicio, Raphael Teixeira, Rodrigo Fidelis, Silvana Stein.
    Assistant director: Maurice Perussi.
  • Mini Residency with Teatro de Narradores (Storytellers Theater), of Vodou City.
  • Workshop with the Congolese dancer and choreographer Faustin Linyekula, of Le Cargo;
  • Workshop with the Greek dancer and choreographer Dimitris Papaioannou, of Still Life;
  • Workshop on theater technical creation, focusing on lighting. By Katarzyna Luszczyk, of A(pollonia);
  • Class-conference with the Belgians Kris Defoort, Nicolas Thys and Lander Gyselinck, musicians of An Old Monk;
  • Masterclass with the French set designer Eric Soyer, of Cie. Louis Brouillard.
  • Round table on technical creation in the theater: the light on / in / of the scene. With Alessandra Domingues, Beto Bruel and Guilherme Bonfanti. Mediator: Francisco Turbiani.
  • Round Table on production: the case of LOD Music Theater in Flanders, Belgium, with director Hans Bruneel and artistic director Valérie Martino. Mediator: Ferdinando Martins.
  • Process Opening with Núcleo Bartolomeu de Depoimentos: Brazil-Poland meetings;
  • Process Opening with the dancer and choreographer Cristian Duarte: Laboratory Ó.

Short Credits:

Conception and Production Head Director: Guilherme Marques
Conception and Artistic Director: Antonio Araújo
Institutional Relations Director: Rafael Steinhauser
International Relations: Jenia Kolesnikova e João Passos

MITsp 2015 – International Theatre Festival of São Paulo, 2th edition, from 6 to 15 of March

Resume of 2th MITsp Shows

Show: The Seagull – (Russia)
Director: Yuri Butusov
Company: Satiricon Theater – A. Raykin

Show: Julia – (Brazil)
Direction and Conception: Christiane Jatahy
Company: Cia Vértice

Show: What If They Went To Moscow? (E Se Elas Fossem Para Moscou?) –(Brazil)
Direction and Conception: Christiane Jatahy
Company: Cia Vértice

Show: Woyzeck – (Ukraine)
Director: Andriy Zholdak
Company:  Svoboda Zholdak Theater and Cherkasy Academic Drama Music Theatre named T.Shevchenko

Show: Stifters Dinge – (Switzerland/ Germany)
Direction: Heiner Goebbels
Production: Theatre Vidy-Lausanne

Show: Miss Julie – (Germany/ England)
Directors: Katie Mitchell and Leo Warner
Company:  Schaubühne am Lehniner Platz

Show: Opus No.7 – (Russia)
Director: Dmitry Krymov
Company: Dmitry Krymov Lab and the Moscow Theater of Dramatic Arts

Show: Archive – (Israel)
Author, director e choreographer: Arkadi Zaides
Company: Arkadi Zaides

Show: Song From Far Away – (The Netherlands)
Director:  Ivo van Hove
Company: Toneelgroep Amsterdam

Show: The Macaluso Sisters – (Italy)
Author Director: Emma Dante
Company: Compagnia Sud Costa Occidentale

Show: Dying of Love, Second Inevitable Act: To Die – (Colombia)
Director: Jorge Hugo Marín
Company: Fundación La Maldita Vanidad Teatro

Show: Killing Time – Colombia
Director: Jorge Hugo Marín
Company: Fundación La Maldita Vanidad Teatro

Resume of 2th MITSp  parallel activities

Critical Views:

The theater critique can maximize the encounter between the viewer and the creative work: clues, keys, holes, connections. Therefore, MITsp offers a number of activities that seek to improve the perception of the audience, through a critical and provocative perspective.

Curators: Fernando Mencarelli e Silvia Fernandes.
Organization, research and texts: Luciana Romagnolli.

Crossing Dialogues

Shortly after each show’s first performance, artists and thinkers from different fields of knowledge present their reviews.

Participants: Arthur Nestrovski, Bernardo Carvalho and Arkadi Zaides, Eder Santos, Francisco Foot Hardman, Ismail Xavier, José Miguel Wisnik, Luiz Camillo Osorio, Maria Rita Kehl, Norval Baitello Júnior, Raquel Rolnik, Renato Mezan.
Mediators: Valmir Santos and Beth Néspoli.

Pathways in Perspective

Researchers of Brazilian Universities introduce us to the creative trajectories of the MITsp invited guest artists.

Participants: Bya Braga, Christine Greiner, Cláudio Cajaiba, Flora Süssekind, Maria Beatriz Medeiros, Maria Helena Werneck, Maria Lucia Pupo, Silvana Garcia, Walter Lima Torres Neto. Guest Researcher: Josette Féral.

Essays Space

Researchers are invited to write about the Festival’s guest artists, their raw materials and creative processes. Their texts are compiled in the MITsp book-program.

Ongoing Thought

The Festival guest artists are invited to talk about their creative process, exposing the internal textures and structures of their artwork.

Practice of Reviewing

The Documenta Cena – Review Platform, composed by the blog Satisfeita, Yolanda?, the websites Horizonte da Cena and Teatrojornal, and the electronic journal Questão de Crítica; plus the invited critics Beth Néspoli, Daniel Schenker, Michel Fernandes, Ruy Filho and Welington Andrade, will write daily reviews on the shows for electronic and printed press.

Performative Review

In real time for ten uninterrupted hours, in front of the public and with guest participation, a review on the show Song From Far Away (co-production of MITsp and Toneelgroup Amsterdam) will be written. The public may watch, read, suggest, participate and interfere in this search for another possibility of doing critique. Conception: Antro Positivo.

Reviewers: Ruy Filho and Ana Carolina Marinho.

Esthetic & Political Thinking

Four discussion tables organized with the following themes:

Conflict Zones I: Ukraine – Russia

With: Eduardo Jorge, Fabiano Mielniczuk and Vitorio Sorotiuk

Conflict Zones II: Palestine-Israel

With: Arlene Clemesha and Sílvio Tendler

Injunction Zones: Theater – Cinema

With: Daniel SchenkerRicardo Fabbrini and Tata Amaral.

Intersection Zones: matrices of the current scene

With: Josette Féral, José Antonio Sánchez, Kil Abreu and Luiz Fernando Ramos

Life without theater or theater without life: Lecture-Performance by Andriy Zholdak

What are the roots of theater? How to turn a robot-actor into a human-actor? Why is the urge of Prometheus, who stole fire from the gods to give it to humans, so lacking in contemporary theater? Are the actors mortal or immortal? Has the theater still any importance? The Ukrainian director Andriy Zholdak will talk about these and other questions.

Playwright in Heavy Shades

In a open interview format, the British award-winning playwright Simon Stephens talks to the public about features and directions of contemporary dramaturgy and about his own artistic production, which includes works such as Pornography (2007), Punk Rock (2009) and The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time (2012) – the latter has already been staged in Brazil, directed by Moacyr Góes. The interviewer is the Brazilian (also awarded) director and playwright Leonardo Moreira, Cia. Hiatus.

The Russian Contemporary Scene

A prominent Russian artist (Krymov), one of the main critics and curators of Moscow and two Russian theater scholars draw a picture and contemplate on the course and the trends of the Russian theater scene.  With Dmitry Krymov, Roman Dolzhansky and Elena Vássina.
Mediator: Arlete Cavaliere.

Educational Meetings

The Educational Meetings are a set of experience exchange activities between Brazilians and international artists. In this segment of the Festival, the guest artists share their creative methods and their understanding of the contemporary scene. It offers a great opportunity for Brazilian artists to learn from important figures of the art world.

Coordination: Maria Fernanda Vomero


  • Attendance of final rehearsals with Ivo van Hove;
  • Workshop with Simon Stephens: aspects of contemporary drama;
  • Workshop with Mark Eitzel: soundtrack in dialogue with the scene;
  • Lecture by Wouter van Ransbeek: management processes in the European theater – the case of Toneelgroep Amsterdam;
  • The theater of absence: workshop by Heiner Goebbels, director of Stifters Dinge;
  • The actor-director relationship in the creation process: master class by Yuri Butusov, director of The Seagull;
  • Emma Dante’s method: practical workshop with Cia Sud Costa Occidentale;
  • The risky theater: how to kill a bad actor. Workshop with Andriy Zholdak;
  • The scene creation and the actor: Practical workshop with La Maldita Vanidad company;
  • DocumentaCena theater critique lab;

Short Credits:

Conception and Production Head Director: Guilherme Marques
Conception and Artistic Director:
Antonio Araújo
Institutional Relations Director: Rafael Steinhauser
International Relations: Jenia Kolesnikova, Guilherme Marinheiro And Natália Machiaveli

MITsp 2014 – International Theatre Festival of São Paulo, 1th edition, from 8 to 16 of March

Resume of 1th MITsp Shows

Show: Anti-Prometheus –  (Turkey)
Director: Şahika Tekand
Company: Studio Oyuncular

Show: Welcome Home (Bienvenido a Casa) – (Uruguay)
: Roberto Suárez
Company: Pequeño Teatro de Morondanga

Show: Filmmakers (Cineastas) – (Argentina)
: Mariano Pensotti
Company: Marea

Show: Suddenly Everywhere is Black With People (De repente fica tudo preto de gente) – (The Netherlands/Brazil)
Director: Marcelo Evelin
Company: Demolition Inc.

Show: Escuela (School) – (Chile)
: Guillermo Calderón

Show: Yo No Soy Bonita (I Am Not Pretty) – (Spain)
: Angélica Liddell
Company: Atra Bílis Teatro

Show: Gólgota Picnic – (Spain)
: Rodrigo García
Company: La Carnicería

Show: Hamlet – (Lithuania)
: Oskaras Koršunovas
Company: OKT 

Show: Nous sommes pareils à ces crapauds qui… (We Are Like Those Toads…) and Ali – (France)

Nous sommes pareils à ces crapauds qui… (We Are Like Those Toads…): Artémis Stavridi, Mathurin Bolze e Hedi Thabet.
“Ali”: Mathurin Bolze e Hedi Thabet.
Company: MPTA – Les Mains, les  Pieds  et  la  Tête  Aussi

Show: On the Concept of the Face, Regarding the Son of God – (Italy)
Director: Romeo Castellucci
Company: Socìetas Raffaello Sanzio

Show: Ubu and the Truth Commission – (South Africa)
Director: William Kentridge
Company: Handspring Puppet Company

Resume of 1th MITsp parallel activities

Critical Views

The theater critique can maximize the encounter between the viewer and the creative work: clues, keys, holes, connections. Therefore, MITsp offers a number of activities that seek to improve the perception of the audience, through a critical and provocative perspective.

Curators: Fernando Mencarelli e Silvia Fernandes.
Organization, research and texts: Julia Guimarães

Crossing Dialogues

Shortly after each show’s first performance, artists and thinkers, from different fields of knowledge present their reviews.

Speakers: Alejandro Ahmed, Felipe Hirsch, Frei Betto, Ismail Xavier, Laymert Garcia dos Santos, Lisette Lagnado, Pedro Cesarino , Peter Pal Pélbart , Suely Rolnik , Tales Ab’Sáber , Vladimir Safatle.
Mediator: Beth Néspoli

Pathways in Perspective

Researchers of Brazilian Universities introduce us to the creative trajectories of the MITsp guest artists.

Speakers: Andre Carreira, Clovis Massa, Fernando Villar, Helena Katz, José Da Costa, Lúcia Romano, Luiz Fernando Ramos, Narciso Telles, Nina Caetano, Renato Ferracini, Sara Rojo, Stephan Baumgartel

Essays Space

Researchers are invited to write about the Festival guest artists, their raw materials and creative processes. Their texts are compiled in the MITsp book-program.

Ongoing Thought

The Festival guest artists are invited to talk about their creative process, exposing the internal textures and structures of their artwork. Cecília Almeida Salles, expert in creative processes, will conduct the talks.

Practice of Reviewing

The Collective of Critics is a temporary gathering of theater critics, with an active presence on the internet. It is composed by the blog Satisfeita, Yolanda? (PE), the websites Horizonte da Cena (MG) and Teatrojornal (SP), and the electronic journal Questão de Crítica (RJ); throughout the festival period, they will write and deliver reviews on the shows, for electronic and printed press, which will be distributed in the venues one day after the premiere.


Posted on social networks, the reviews seek to influence and be influenced by someone else’s writing, and together at the end, they create a network of critic thinking, a polyphonic writing, without hierarchy and, therefore, multifocal.

Critique on the Criticism

Scholars and critics talk about the challenges of producing theater critics today. A roundtable composed by Kil Abreu, Luiz Fernando Ramos, Edelcio Mostaço + Collective of Critics, with mediation of Fernando Mencarelli.

Meeting Forum

–— encounters –— starting point is a project developed by Igor since 2009 -“Table Talks” – and the research on performance and the poetics and politics of encounter being elaborated by Eleonora through artistic and theoretical practices since 2008.

Artistic Exchange
: Ruy Cortez

The workshop “The Scenic Creation Out Of Sound Elements” is conducted by Simon McBurney, artistic director of Complicite company and the sound designer Gareth Fry, the workshop will last four days and will investigate ways of scenic creation that has sound elements as a starting point.

Short Credits:

Conception and Production Head Director: Guilherme Marques
Conception and Artistic Director:
Antonio Araújo
Institutional Relations Director: Rafael Steinhauser
International Relations: Natália Machiaveli e Jenia Kolesnikova