Who We Are

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Professionals from different fields, such as pedagogues, entrepreneurs, cultural producers, social workers, artists and managers reflect the interest of the Institute for interdisciplinary knowledge

President Director

Manager, cultural producer and actor. He is the managing director who conceived the International Centre for Theatre ECUM– CIT – ECUM, the Performing Arts World Meeting (ECUM) and the International Center of Research on Performing Arts Education. He is also founder and production head director of the International Theater Festival of São Paulo – MITsp. Guilherme held coordination, production and / or artistic consultancy of several national and international art festivals, including: the International Theatre Festival of Stage & Street of Belo Horizonte (FIT / BH); International Dance Festival of Belo Horizonte (FID); 1st International Graffiti Biennale of Belo Horizonte; Black Art Festival of Belo Horizonte (FAN); International Theater Festival of Mercosur (Argentina); International Theater Festival of Caracas (Venezuela); Cultural Winter of São João del Rei; Project Peoples Image; and the Performing Arts Meeting in Araxá. He was part of the Myriam Muniz Award committee and of the Petrobras Program for Culture jury. He worked as international relations for the Artistic Project in the Year of France in Brazil. Marque was curator of performing arts of the 1st Contemporary Art Showcase of Minas Gerais – in São Paulo.

VP Director

Graduated in Aerospace Engineering and in Performing Arts, he is an actor member of the Companhia da Memória. He works as executive director of the International Theater Center ECUM- CIT – ECUM and as Institutional Relations director at MITsp. He is the president for Latin America of the company Qualcomm.


Financial Advisor

Graduated in Business Administration, she has experience in fiscal and financial management in public and private companies, such as São Paulo Transportes S/A and Tim Celular S/A, working on large projects since 2006. She is the Administrative/Financial coordinator of the International Theater Festival of São Paulo – MITsp since the 3rd edition (2016), in which she is responsible for the supervision and conclusion of the accountability process. She also contributes to the elaboration and registration of cultural projects in the State and Federal Cultural Incentive Laws.


Tax Advisor

He is an actor and producer. He is a graduate of the Theater School – PUC Minas, where he worked on the adaptations of the works The Witches of Salem (2014) and A Clockwork Orange (2014), under the direction of Cynthia Paulino. In São Paulo, he has participated in several courses at the Oswald de Andrade Cultural Space and did the Performance Studio: Free course with Ondina Clais and Ruy Cortez, taught at the CIT – ECUM. He participated in the show Paranoia Machine (2015), of the XI Parallel Noir, directed by Roberto Alvim, and in the Research Center Assembly: Ascension and fall of the city of Mahagonny by Bertolt Brecht (2015) with Group XIX de Teatro, directed by Paulo Celestino. In 2016, he worked as a set producer for the 3rd MITsp and, in 2017, he became part of the MITsp team as administrative assistant.

Tax Advisor

Social Worker, specialized in city government. She is a public servant, with a role in the Cultural Policy of Belo Horizonte. She was manager and coordinator of the Cultural Training Program of Lagoa do Nado Cultural Center. She acted as articulator of the Arena Culture Program with the Regional Administrations of Pampulha and Venda Nova. She was coordinator of the Pampulha Cultural Center and also part of the production team of the Biennial of Comics, the Festival of Black Art (FAN) and the Stage & Street International Theater Festival of Belo Horizonte (FIT-BH). She managed the Vila Marçola Cultural Center.


Tax Advisor

He studied Language at the Faculty of Philosophy, Letters and Human Sciences -FFLCH / USP and studied Radio and TV at the Anhembi Morumbi University. He was the producer of the TV show “Universo da Moda” on MegaTV (channel of the MIX group) and also produced political campaigns for the Polis Production Company. He was executive producer at Eduk, a specialized website of online courses, and has also worked on independent short films, video and documentaries. He joined the MITsp team in 2014 as a producer. Currently, he is part of the international relations sector of the Festival.