CIT ECUM – International Theater Center ECUM

The International Theater Center ECUM (CIT-ECUM ) is an artistic and educational institution created in 2011, the outcome of the amplification and moving of the ECUM Belo Horizonte to the city of São Paulo.

Nowadays there are two main branches: the ECUM Forum (Performing Arts World Meeting) and the ECUM  – International Center of Research on Performing Arts Education. CIT-ECUM’nactions are the result of the exchange between those two fronts.

Between 2011 and 2014, the CIT-ECUM has formed a third group of action in São Paulo: the creation of a permanent theater-performing schedule in its headquarters, presenting local and national shows selected for their artistic excellency. In less than a year, CIT-ECUM gained the support of the public and was nominated for the Shell Award in the category “Innovation” in 2013, for its artistic-educational project.

In 2016 CIT-ECUM establishes another important partnership, this time with the Belo Horizonte’s City Hall Foundation for Culture (FMC). Through this partnership, the biannual editions of the ECUM Forum, as an ongoing activity of the ECUM – International Center of Research on Performing Arts Education, will be resumed from 2017 onwards.

Nowadays, the managing council of CIT-ECUM is composed by Guilherme Marques, as general director; Ruy Cortez, as artistic-pedagogical director; Rafael Steinhauser, as executive director; Érica Teodoro, as production and administration director; Ana Teixeira and Fernando Mencarelli, as associated directors; Antônio Araújo and Maria Thaís, as artistic-pedagogical consultants and Jenia Kolesnikova, as international relations director.

Year: from 2011 onwards

Execution and production: Olhares Cultural Institute and International Theatre Centre ECUM – CIT ECUM

Accomplished editions

  • Creative processes: workshop with Marcio Abreu
  • Psychological Theater | Theater Workshop with Ondina Clais and Ruy Cortez
  • Acting Studio | Free theater course with Ondina Clais and Ruy Cortez
  • Open meeting about the creative process of the show Nós (We), with the participation of Grupo Galpão members (BH / MG) and the director Márcio Abreu.
  • Gesture and Composition Lab | With Alexandra Tavares and Vitor Vieira