ECUM – Centro Internacional de Pesquisa sobre Formação em Artes Cênicas

After ten consecutive years of ECUM – Performing Arts World Meeting, there was a need to go deeper into the pedagogical character of its training activities. Therefore, in 2008, the ECUM – International Center of Research on Performing Arts Education was created. Based on a program of continuous studies, the project seeks to amplify the connection between artists, pedagogues and centers of performing arts creation and research in Brazil and in the world.

On this map, the Research Center’s focus has fallen into several pedagogies of the world, such as the French school pedagogy (2009), Russian (2010) and South American (2011). Those three editions brought important names, such as the Yuyachkani group (Peru), João das Neves (Brazil), Ileana Diéguez (Mexico), Anatoli Vassiliev (Russia), Jurij Alschitz (Russia) and Beatrice Picon-Vallin (France). Through these experiences, ECUM establishes its identity as a prime place for oral traditions and for a direct relation between student and master, based on the strong presence of the speech.

It is a free, dynamic and ongoing center of research, which also intends to network and dialogue with important performing artists and educational institutions worldwide. As such, our intent is to offer multiple pedagogies as a way to refresh the relation between thinking and creating within the Brazilian performing arts.

Years: 2009, 2010 and 2011.

Original idea, execution and production: Olhares Cultural Institute and ECUM Production Center.